"Making Little Miracles Happen"
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The Universal Exercise Unit resembles a cage and incorporates the use of pulleys, weights and bungee cords to help improve a child’s strength, range of motion and flexibility. The UEU allows the therapist to isolate and strengthen specific muscles to help improve function.  The UEU also incorporates the use of bungees to allow the therapist to suspend a child and allow the child to perform activities in partial and full weight bearing.

Benefits of the UEU

  • Increase strength
  • Increase range of motion (active and passive range of motion))
  • Isolate desired (weakened) muscle or muscle groups and 
strengthen them to enable function
  • Eliminate gravitational forces acting on the body to facilitate 
weak muscle groups and active movement
  • Obtain measurable gains in muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Improve coordination
  • Focus on a particular functional skill
  • Promote developmental milestones
  • Facilitate upright position in any position
  • Partial or full weight bearing
  • Very early postoperative rehabilitation
  • Promotes motor learning and motor planning
  • Provides a  variety of sensory-integration techniques
  • Helps one to develop a sense of security and success
  • “Load” or “unload” the exercised joints 
(joint distraction or compression)
  • Promotes independence and overall improved 
physical image -“self confidence”