Thank you for your commitment and dedication in assisting Alessia with her physical mobility and independence skills. Alessia has benefited greatly through the intensive suit therapy session with you.

I have witnessed an increase in her strength and range of motion. As well, there has been an improvement in her independence. But most importantly, Alessia’s self esteem has increased as she is able to do more things on her own!!!!

It brings me great joy to see Alessia make these gains….yes, it was hard work for her, but in the end, it was worth it!

Rim, thank you for all the love and passion you put forth to help Alessia achieve her full potential. We look forward to another session of intensive suit therapy….

Sonia and Alessia


Our daughter is 6 years old.  She was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, Hypontonia, Mesocardia, Cortical Visual Impairment, and Epilepsy at infancy. She never reached any of her milestones on time.  She had trouble visually tracking objects, couldn’t make eye contact, lacked head control, was flaccid, couldn’t roll, sit, stand or walk.  She had severe sleep and feeding difficulties and would seize quite regularly.  As first time parents, we were terrified for the future of our child.  

Rim started working with E. when she was 6 months old.  We found great comfort in Rim’s approach in working with E. because she handled our child with love, compassion and strived to help her as best she could-regardless of where E. was developmentally.  She gave us a home exercise plan to follow and tirelessly modeled to us the exercises we needed to follow. Using her vast experience, she was able to mix different approaches of therapy into her program to meet the complex needs of our child. She helped us get in touch with community resources, helped us adjust and use pediatric equipment and gave us suggestions on how to better help our child grow and develop.  She always communicates with us in a professional manner and listens and relates as a mother. She is excellent with kids.  She will work her patients hard while respecting their individual needs.

We were very intrigued when Rim first introduced Suit Therapy to us.  After one week of intensive suit therapy, we were able to see a noticeable change in E.’s head control.  Our child, who was comparable to a rag doll, actually showed improvement in her tone that allowed her to better hold her head up and with support, she was able to sit up for longer periods of time.  After three weeks of intensive therapy, E.’s tone had most definitely improved.  She was able to hold her head up with and without the suit on for longer periods of time while turning her head side to side, up and down as well.  E. has NEVER shown such great improvement in any form of therapy thus far.  With Rim’s help, we are so excited to continue with Suit Therapy in the months to come.

We highly recommend Rim Boulos to be your child’s physical therapist.  She is very passionate about her work, very responsive and genuinely cares about her patients.

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